A resource for single people


Vanessa Valerio started Singleling after many fail attempts to find love. Dating in New York was difficult and exhausting, and many times, disappointing. Vanessa started asking friends and strangers about their personal experiences with love and listening other people's experiences helped her understand love and dating, so she started compiling these stories into an audio series in January 2016, and that is how Singleling Podcast started.

Singleling is committed to connect people through true love stories. The stories are genuine, entertaining, personal and, most importantly, relatable. A good story stirs emotions and creates a bridge between the storyteller and the listeners, which creates engagement from the audience. These stories are based on the theme of the episode and told by the protagonists, who are people from all over the world and many different backgrounds, as well as popular storytellers and comedians. Each episode develops a different theme and contains not only the stories, but also has the participation of an expert, who explains the topic and offers tips and advice on the subject. The stories and interviews are developed and recorded in social environments, such as cafes, restaurants, parks or bars.

Singleling is produced by Vanessa Valerio.

Logo by Kelvin Chiang

Video and Photos by Alex Tabar and MR/AV

Illustrations by Maria Jose Figueroa

Music by Twintapes and Sir Siljian