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Episode 21: Imagination vs. Reality

Sometimes our imagination takes over our mind and creates the story of a person the way we want it. Today on Singleling we talk about imagination versus reality. Stories of when our imagination owns our judgement, which in love happens very often!

Stories by:

Stan Sinberg, an award winning humor writer, satiric radio comedy revue and a regular contributor to blogs and humor publications including MAD and the Weekly World News.

Sandi Marx is a retired talent agent who is now a motivational speaker and spends most of her nights storytelling. She is a 7 times Moth StorySlam winner and her one woman show, You’ll Be Sorry debuted in the Dead Parents Club Festival in 2016.

Greg DeLucia is a writer and storyteller in New York. He is the host and producer of Family Dinner, a storytelling show where people eat Greg’s family famous meatballs while listening to funny stories.

Alia Janine is a comedian and retired adult entertainer living in New York. She is the host and producer of the podcast The Whromones Podcast.

Your host, Vanessa Valerio, is a storyteller in New York. Her solo show Where in The World is Vanessa Valerio is part of the Gotham Storytelling Festival this fall (nov. 4).

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