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Episode 35: What is Asexuality?

On this episode we learn, thanks to Domina Franco and Danny Artese, what asexuality is. Danny tells us about his journey discovering his sexuality, and Domina educates us on all things sex.

Danny Artese is the host and producer of the New York City-based storytelling series The Day I Should Have and his stories have appeared on Risk! and Yum's the Word.  You can follow his storytelling adventures on Instagram @DannyTellsStories or say hello next time you see him in person!

Domina Franco is a sex educator, coach and writer who has been studying human sexuality for over 20 years. You can get in touch with Domina via her website: and on social media @domina_franco.

You can find more about asexuality on

Our music is by Pavel Rivera. And our producer and host is Vanessa Valerio.