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Episode 36: I Love me

Today we talk about mental health, acceptance and self love… the road of happiness.

We talk to writer Sara Radin (IG: @sararradin) about her struggles with anxiety, discovering balance and self acceptance.

We also talk to Suzy Daren (, a yoga psychotherapist based in Brooklyn, NY. She tells us how she found balance in her life and how she helps her clients to find it too. She gives us tips on how to treat ourselves, find happiness and self love.

Vanessa Valerio is your host and producer. You can see her live in her monthly comedy show in New York, Party Of Two.

Music is produced by Pavel Rivera.

Bonus Episode: Talking Love Live in DC

This is a bonus episode!

On our show in Washington DC this April 2018 we had a blast talking love with dating expert Erika Ettin, Other Men Need Help Podcast producer Mark Pagan and comedian Gastor Almonte. It was so much fun that we HAD to share it with you, hope you enjoy it!

This show was hosted by Singleling’s Vanessa Valerio and Singleling’s dear friend the hilarious Cara Foran, producer of The Perfect Liars Club DC.

Music by Twintapes.
Illustration by Maria Jose Figueroa
Special thanks to:
The Black Cat DC
Oyamel Cocina Mexicana.

Episode 27: NO means NO, a consent guide.

The #MeToo movement has changed not only the workplace, but also the dating scene. Getting someone too many drinks on a date, to get a few more kisses out of it is not right. Buying someone a drink doesn’t give you permission to take them home, and seeing a woman with a pronounced cleavage is not a green light for anything. Consent is the only green or red light you should get. Today’s episode is dedicated to teach you and me about consent.


Matty Konrath, a 30-something year old woman living in NYC, who went to a curly hair salon in the neighborhood of Gramercy in Manhattan, and did not get the best haircut… or experience.

Domina Franco, a sex educator, coach and writer who has been studying human sexuality for over 20 years.

For the male perspective we talked with Mark Pagan, who, for personal curiosity, has been studying masculinity for a while and produces the awarded podcast: Other Men Need Help.

We also talked to Jamie Ansley and Courtney Cleman from The V Club.

Courtney Cleman is a New York City based sex + relationship expert. She co-founded The V Club in New York City to help women and men break down the mental barriers that prevent them from having the love life they desire.

Jamie Anslie is a drama therapist. She teaches group and private classes and also leads the Talk Love Chat support group.

The V Club is a space that offers masterclasses that teach women and men everything they need to know about dating, love and relationships to create the love life of their dreams. It currently offers 5 types of classes: How to Get a Second Date, Ladies Come First, Men by Design, The Mature Woman’s Guide to Sexual Health and Relationships and Talk Love: Chat Group.

Your host and producer is Vanessa Valerio.

Our music on this episode is the song “Colorless” by Twintapes.

Today’s episode is sponsored by TukFab, a tuk tuk design and fabrication company.

Episode 26.2 Long Distance Relationships

This week we continue to bring you long distance relationships stories…

I sat down for a coffee in Brooklyn with Adrien Behn, the producer of Strangers Abroad Podcast.  We talked about her podcast, her trips around the world and love.

This time the stories come from:
Keith Mellnick, a photographer and storyteller based in Washington DC. The story he shares with us was performed at the live show Sucker for Love 2016 produced by Story District in DC.
Jude Treder-Wolff is the host and creator of (mostly) True Things, a monthly game and storytelling show in Long Island, NY. She has been featured on Mortified, Risk! and The Armando Diaz Experiment, to name a few. She is now performing her solo show This Isn’t Helping.
And me, Vanessa Valerio… On this episode I tell the love story that changed my life.

I hope you like this one!.. Happy Spring and keep loving!

Ps. If you have a story that you want to share or a question you want to ask our dating experts, send us an email!

Music: Painting Ocean Dreams by Twintapes.
Special thanks to:
Story District  and Kos Kaffe

Episode 26.1 : Long Distance Relationships

Love happens in different ways, and sometimes we end up in long distance relationships... not ideal situations, but what can we tell the heart?... the heart always wants what it wants. 
Tami Gatta is an experienced creative arts therapist in the New York, and today she tells us her point of view of long distance relationships and gives us a few tips on how to keep them alive.
Joe Charnitski tells us about what is like dating in New York... distance might be a make it or break thing. He is a two-time Moth Story Slam winner and has been featured on The Moth Podcast. His solo show Joe Charnitski's Funeral won "Best of Fringe" award on the 2017 Capital Fringe in Washington DC. You can go see his show this October 1, 2018 as part of United Solo Theatre Festival.
Meghann Perry is a certified addiction recovery coach, actor, storyteller and teaching artist. She works with adolescents and adults seeking recovery from addiction, and loves to combine her background in the performing arts and her work with this population in her many projects like Improbable Players, Recovery Storytelling, and the Moving Stories Foundation.

Johnathan Appel started performing comedy while living in Taiwan and has performed most venues in New York City. He also works as an education fellow and teaching artist for “Story Pirates!”.

Nicole Ferraro has performed in storytelling shows all over the east coast, her personal essays can be found at The New York Times, Modern Loss and The New York press. She is the co-host of The New York Story Exchange. Her solo show Why So Much Shame debuted at 2016 Frigid Festival with rave reviews and earned three awards. She produces Art, Humanity and Action, a series of storytelling for social justice and fundraising.
Vanessa Valerio is the producer of Singleling, and is always looking for love stories so if you have one contact us

Music by Twintapes.
Special thanks to:
Happy Hour Story Hour show in New York City for letting us record Johnathan's story.

Episode 25: Love Stories

Love stories… Everyone has one, or will have one.

Elena and Juani, a Venezuelan and an Argentinean whose strong attraction followed them forever. This story is part of Liebes Gluck, a book of love stories around the world written by German journalist Kathrin Werner. This story was recorded over a telephone call, sorry if audio is not great!

Michele Carlo tells us about being hopeful and never stop, no matter what, because every obstacle can be a great opportunity.

David Crabb is a storyteller that after many years living in New York moved to Los Angeles with his husband.

Natasha Price tells us how love sometimes ends up differently of what we expect… and her story is an introduction to our next episode.

Vanessa Valerio is the producer of Singleling, and is always looking for love stories so if you have one contact us

Music by Twintapes.

Special thanks to:

Storytelling at Big Irvs

Speak Up Rise Up Festival

Episode 20: Young Love





This episode of Singleling showcases stories about young loves. The first love that drove us crazy in many different ways.

On this episode:

Courtney Weber is a Wiccan Priestess, writer, Tarot Adviser, and metaphysical teacher living in McMinnville, OR. She is the author of Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess and the forthcoming Tarot for One: The Art of Reading for Yourself. She is also the producer and designer of Tarot of the Boroughs, a contemporary photographic Tarot deck set in New York City.

Becca Beberaggi is a NYC based writer, comedian and performer. She has written for Elite Daily, XOJan, Paste Magazine and others, her sketch can be seen on Funny or Die. She has appeared at the Brooklyn Comedy Festival.

Boo Trundle is a novelist and short story writer, a blogger, and a recording artist. Also a seeker of solace through high art, low art, and Eastern philosophy. Gullible, random, exposed, and weighty, as needed. 

Vanessa Golembewski is a TV writer and producer. She hosts a monthly comedy storytelling show called "Before The Internet." You can see her work in The Onion, Above Average, and a bunch of lady magazines. 

Bobby Hankinson is a Brooklyn-based writer, performer and creative.  You can see him hosting the  LGBTQ comedy and storytelling show Kweendom, a TimeOut NY and New York Times Critics’ Pick.

Your host, Vanessa Valerio is a Moth storySlam winner, native from the Dominican Republic living in Brooklyn. She performs stories about her time living in Europe, her childhood in the Caribbean, and her crazy life as a 30-something single woman in NYC.

Music by

Episode 17 - DC Live Show


This year Singleling is on tour recording live stories in some of the best venues in the country. This past April 1st we had the first one at the Black Cat in Washington DC. With performances by:

CHELSEA SHORTE is a stand-up, writer, actor and storyteller living in DC.

KEITH MELLNICK is a freelance photographer who splits his time between expat and DC living. In between his trips he performs at SpeakeasyDC, Perfect Liars Club and The Moth. His solo show “I’m not Crazy” tells the story about his Peace Corps experience in Kazakhstan.

Dating Expert ERIKA ETTIN will give us a few tips on how to navigate the world of online dating in these crazy modern dating era. She is the founder of A Little Nudge, one of the country’s preeminent online dating coach. She has been profiled on NPR, The Washington Posts, WUSA9 and

JEFF SIMMERMON is a several times Moth StorySlam and GrandSlam winner, a comedian, teacher and storyteller that has appear on This American Life and The Moth’s Podcast. He is the host and producer of “And I am Not Lying”, a variety show in New York City.

VIJAI NATHAN is a comedian that has been featured at the Montreal International Comedy Festival, has performed at the Smithsonian Museum, Kennedy Center, Constitution Hall, Library of Congress and won the Artistic Excellence award from SpeakeasyDC. Her solo shows “Woman on Top: Tips from Mom, Dad and Cosmo” and “Good Girls Don’t, But Indian Girls Do” have gained attention from critics all over.

The Hosts:

CARA FORAN is a Moth StorySlam and Grandslam winner, writer, storyteller and improviser in Washington, DC. She is the producer and cohost of The Perfect Liars Club, one of DC’s most popular storytelling shows, as well as a regular host of The Moth in DC. Her solo show about the perils of dating, “District of Cara”, debuted at the 2015 Capital Fringe Festival in DC.

VANESSA VALERIO is a Moth StorySlam winner that performs stories about her time living in Europe, her childhood in the Caribbean, and her crazy life as a 30-something single woman in NYC. She is the host and producer of ‘Singleling’, she also co-hosts Party of Two, a live monthly comedy show. She is also a dating columnist for Camara Flash and the Singles Warehouse.

Ep. 16 Online / Offline

Online dating should not be seen as the only way that we find a potential love match, but it certainly is a very good tool that helps do that. On this month’s episode we hear online dating stories, some horrifying and some that fill our hearts with hope.

Guest star:

Pavel Rivera is a musician in Brooklyn, NY, creator of the electropop band Twintapes. He is also a music engineer and producer.

Stories by:

Anita Flores has written for Flama, Above Average, Nerve, Paste magazine, Portable TV, and Laughspin. She’s performed at The Moth, Tom Shillue’s Funny Story, and is currently on tour with Awkward Sex and the City. She has a web series called Questionable Drawings where she asks comedians weird questions and animates their responses, and she is the co-producer and host of Party of Two, a comedy show of dating stories. Follow her on Twitter at @anitajewtina

Chris is a digital marketing expert and technology entrepreneur. His experience spans a wide range of industries dealing with social media, brand strategy and community building, working closely with clients to create unique customer experiences. Chris takes his professional background and applies it to an entertaining look at today's world of dating in his podcast So, We Met Online

Avra Friedman and Daliya Karnofsky are the producers of All My Single Friends, a once monthly comedy show and live dating experience.


Avra is an actor, comedian, writer, and recent LA transplant by way of NYC. As a comic she has opened for Gilbert Gottfried and was the winner of a new talent contest at Gotham Comedy Club, NYC. Avra’s writing, acting, and stand-up have been featured on BuzzFeed, The New Yorker, Super Deluxe, Funny or Die, Elizabeth Banks' WhoHaha, Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, and more.


Daliya performs live and on the web in her original YouTube baking and love advice series “And She Bakes”, seen winning awards at festivals around the country.  Daliya has also toured the world as a monologuist and relationship guru, and performed off-Broadway and abroad with NYC companies Naked in a Fishbowl, New York Theatre Workshop, Witness Relocation, Red Bull Theater, Les Freres Corbusier, and la mama e.t.c., and as a member of the T.S. Eliot US/UK Exchange with the Old Vic in London.  Recent: Celia in the short film Hilde and Celia, directed by Dan Schimpf of Red Hour Films.


Matt and Jen Smith are two Midwestern who fell in love thanks to eHarmony . com

Music by Twintapes @


Ep. 2 - Valentine's Day

Ep. 15 Love Stories

We should celebrate love all year long, but for some reason we celebrate it a bit more intense during February. On this episode Vanessa talks to Kathrin Werner, a German journalist that just wrote a book of love stories, 20 stories from people all over the world.

We hear stories from:

Laura Maltz is an educator and storyteller in NYC.

Vernon Payne is a comedian from Brooklyn, NY. He got his start in Albany, NY in 2008 and since then has gone on to travel the northeast making people laugh with his particular brand of comedy. Vernon has opened for comics that have been on Comedy Central to Fox. Vernon’s diverse stand up goes from talking about growing up, sex, and race. He is a contributing writer to the comic book “Spaz Comics”.

Steven Berkowitz is a MothSLAM winner who teaches storytelling, both for the Moth’s Community Education program and in his corporate life. He has told stories at And I Am Not Lying, Real Characters, The Liar Show, and more, and he has appeared on Scientific American’s Science Talk podcast.

Original Theme Song by Sir Siljian

You can follow us on @wearesingleling

Ep. 2 - Valentine's Day

Ep. 14 Happy Things

2016 has been a tough year for the whole world, deaths and hatred ruled this year. However, we should not get stuck in negative thoughts and actions, we should always try to see the glass half full… On this episode we hear from strong women as they tell us the happy events of their lives during this shit show of year 2016:

My grandmother, Filpa Mejia.

Jean Le Bec is a grandmother and storyteller that performs all over New York.

Athalie Paynting is a former semi-pro wrestler turned sales executive, turned storyteller, turned sexual counselor.

Shruti is a recent graduate from Iowa State Architecture University and is living her dream.

Julia Whitehouse is a writer, performer and storyteller based in NYC. She has performed all over New York and is the host of Happy Hour Story Hour.

And stay until the end for a special hello from my cutie nephew, Noah Zambrano.


Ep. 2 - Valentine's Day

Singleling Anniversary Show

In January we turn one! And we are celebrating it with a live recording of our show on January 11 at The Kraine Theater at 8:45pm. Stories will be told by some of our favorite storytellers:
  • Sandi Marx (The Moth, Savage LoveCast)
  • Mark Pagan (Peach Fuzzy, ManKind)
  • Steve Whyte (The Moth, Magnet Theater)
  • Selena Coppock (Bravo’s Guide To, NYTVows)

And a special segment with matchmaker Erika Ettin from A Little Nudge.

Tickets are $15 and you can purchase them HERE.

But we really want YOU to be there! So we are giving away two tickets so you and a friend or a date can come and enjoy the show with us. All you have to do is tell us, on the comments below, what is your favorite episode and why?... we will pick the winner on January 9th.

Ps. All proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Ep. 13 Friends with Benefits

Everyone needs love and sex and sometimes we compromise with just sex and get in a friends with benefits relationship, however this situation is not for everyone… Today on Singleling we see different friends with benefits scenarios.


I. I don’t want a Friend with benefits

Not everyone wants a friends with benefit relationship, storyteller David Arroyo tells us about a time a girl misunderstood his interest in being just friends.


II. Why is sex so important?

Sexologist Randi Levinson explains why we need sex and how is it that sometimes some of us cant separate sex and emotions.


III. Friends with benefits… not that great after all

Comedian, storyteller and storytelling instructor for The Story Studio, Gail Thomas tells us that sometimes Mr. Maybe is not


IV. A rare case of love

Isabel’s happy ending.


Ep. 2 - Valentine's Day

Ep. 12 Lost in Translation

When two people decide to form an union of some kind it can be challenging to make things work smoothly, because of the way that both people were raised, because of their background or even their language… However in today’s dating scene language and culture are not the only barriers that singles are facing, texting, corporal language and online dating are some of the things that we have to deal with and overcome when trying to effectively communicate in this modern age.

On this episode Vanessa talks to Mark Pagan, a storyteller, multimedia artist and fellow Latino, about how the mix of the Latin fire with the pragmatic American style, make an excellent balance.


Stories by: 

Michele Carlo. A native New Yorker, performer, storyteller and author of Fish out of Agua. 

Pierce McManus is a Washington DC based storyteller and co-host of The Perfect Liars Club.



Erika Ettin is the founder of A Little Nudge, the preeminent online dating coach in the US, and "the new voice of online dating." A Little Nudge has been profiled on NPR, the Washington Post, WUSA9, and Erika is also JDate's leading expert, has been a featured columnist on, and her weekly column syndicated through the Chicago Tribune. Her book, Love at First Site, has also received high acclaim.

Bryant and Francis Gross. Vanessa’s Dominican aunt and her American husband talk about their multicultural love.





Ep. 2 - Valentine's Day

Ep. 11 Break-Ups

Break ups are tough… we all go through them and sooner or later we move on from those relationships and feelings. On this episode we hear stories of how social media amplifies the sadness of a break up, how we build a case against the ex’s new love without knowing the other side of the coin, and we hear two sides of dishonest relationships.

Stories by:

David Lawson: A writer and performer in NYC that has appeared on Risk!, Mortified, Mara Wilson’s What are you Afraid of and many others.

Steve Whyte: A drummer, storyteller and improviser in NYC.

Jefferson Bites: is an artist and storyteller, host of Foreplay, a storytelling show featuring sex, love and desire stories.

Prya Chavez is a lawyer in New York City.

This episode was produced in collaboration with It’s Not Personal, an anthology of female dating experiences, created and organized by Sara Radin and Vanessa Gattinella.





Ep. 2 - Valentine's Day

Ep. 10 Summer Flings

Summer is ending but probably not without fun and great memories… and a lot of the times those memories involved summer flings. On this episode we listen to stories of how summer plays an important part in love and dating. Stories about young love, college years, sex, online dating and real love.

Stories by:

Tracey Segara is a Moth Story Slam winner that started her career in New York as a reporter and now is the marketing director of a top communication agency and in her free time writes and performs all over town and produces the storytelling show “Now You’re Talking” in Long Island.

Meredith Whipple is a digital communication specialist and a storyteller, improviser and a music performer in Washington DC.

Elyse Wanshel is an associate editor for the Huffington Post and during her free time she performs stories all over New York.

Greg DeLucia started his career in television production and now is a writer, social media editor, storyteller and producer for the storytelling show “Family Dinner” in New York City.



Ep. 2 - Valentine's Day

Ep. 9 The Friend Zone

At least once in our lives we have had a big crush on a friend, and chances are that we ended up being heartbroken because our love is not reciprocated. Today on Singleling we talk about the infamous friend zone that we want to avoid so bad.


Being a teenager in love of that perfect girl that is everything, but in reality… is not. Sam Dingman, a storyteller, podcaster, improviser and Moth GrandSlam winner, tells us a story about his teenage love, which basically is an episode of Dawson’s Creek.


How can we get out of that pink color area that is the friend zone?... Rupert Eyles, a storyteller from the UK, tells us how he went from being the principal friend to a married man.


I get a free and fun therapy session from Tami Gatta, a therapist in Brooklyn that uses creative outlets as part of her therapy healing treatments.


The friend zone from the eyes of Tarik Daniels, a fabulous guy comedian in NYC.


After the storm, there comes the calm. Angela, a fashion designer in Miami tells us how she fell in love with her soulmate.


Ep. 2 - Valentine's Day

Ep. 8 One Night Stands

One Night Stands

Having casual sex is ok, but for me, growing up in a religious and very closed minded environment and culture, one night stands were some what of a taboo, so I wanted to learn how other people in this modern world see one night stands.

On this episode I first talked to Athalie, who is getting ready to start her Masters degree in Human Sexuality and whom gave me her opinion on why some people are better at causal sex than some of us. Secondly Bobby will tell us how technology is completely changing the way we can get sex. And last but certainly not least, Susan and Jamie gives us heartful stories of what could happen after a one night stand.


On this episode:

Athalie Pathing

Bobby Hankinson

Susan Kent

Jamie Brickhouse


Special thanks to Andrea Mustain, consultant content editor


Follow us!


Ep. 2 - Valentine's Day

Ep. 7 The Way We Met

The Way We Met

People always ask me where can they meet people to date and I tell them what I do, I go to a lot of events, I get involved in many activities and I also do online dating… but I feel that I am not the right person to answer this question because despite of all the things that I do to meet a potential romantic partner, I am still single… So on this episode we hear stories of how people that have healthy and loving relationships met.


Host and Producer: Vanessa Valerio

Stories by:

                                    AC (aka, the coolest cab driver in town)

                                    Elena Pirazzo

                                    Jason Chen

                                    Amber Guesa

                                    Claire Surgenor

                                    Sandi Marx + Keith Marshall


Music by:                         Sir-Silljian


Special thanks to:



And everyone that filled out the “The Way We Met” survey and answered our Facebook questions


Ep. 2 - Valentine's Day