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Singleling at Speak Up, Rise Up Festival

Speak Up, Rise Up is a first year storytelling festival being held at the Connelly Theater from August 14th-20th with a focus on bringing traditional and non-traditional performers together.  Our focus is to raise the profile of people and communities of stories we don't often hear.   The idea is to bring together people's stories and put them, literally, on the big stage with other featured performances throughout the week.  

The purpose of the festival is two fold: first, to bring together traditional and non-traditional performers to tell and share their stories.  We will be offering a series of community workshops to various community groups, and showcase their final shows as part of the festival.  

Second, is to bring the world of storytelling to the big stage.  Too often we have shows in backs of bars or black box theaters and are never allowed to explore the depth and theatricality of a stage.  

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Singleling at StoryFest!

Last year’s inaugural StoryFest was a solid sold-out weekend. Curated by The PIT in tandem with international storyteller Harmon Leon (TALE, Big Fat Racist Show), StoryFest is a three-day festival that celebrates the very best of the NYC storytelling scene.

StoryFest aims to spotlight the wide variety of themed shows that dot the New York landscape - and trumpet what's best about our storytelling scene.

Singleling will feature:

  • Adam Selbst (Big Irv’s)
  • Stan Sinberg (Mad Magazine)
  • Tarik Danields (Gotham Comedy Club)
  • Marie Faustin (AfroPunk)
  • Sandi Marx (RISK)
  • Plus dating coach: Erika Ettin
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Singleling Live Show in Philly
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Singleling Live Show in Philly

Singleling will be in Philadelphia for the first time with a fun live show at the L'Etage at 7:30pm with an amazing line up!

Mark Pagan, Moth StorySlam winner and producer of Mankind.

Hillary Rea, your favorite Philly storyteller and producer of Tell Me A Story.

Nisse Greenberg, a New York transplant in Philly

Selena Coppock, the funniest blonde I know





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Turn your bad date into a Good Story Workshop

Next Tuesday! Come learn how to spin your worst date ever into a story worth telling. In collaboration with It's Not Personal, our producer Vanessa Valerio will be leading us through this workshop on oral story-telling and giving us pointers on how to use comedy to transform your dating woes (or wins?) into something cathartic, fulfilling, or just laugh-until-you-cry hilarious. Tickets can be purchased here.

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Singleling Game Night at La Loteria

Come enjoy a game night featuring the traditional Mexican board game, La Loteria! Hosted by the talented Vanessa Valerio, host of the Singleling Podcast, we will be playing rounds of La Loteria all evening, swapping stories about love (and love lost!), serving fresh eats from our kitchen, and offering our regular Margarita Monday happy hour all evening! 

Feel free to invite friends to join us in starting this new tradition at our home base in the charming West Village! If you can make it, please RSVP.

We cannot wait to see you there! #lovefromLaLotes

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